Local cold cuts and cheeses

At the Osteria De I Magri you can order a rich selection of local cold cuts and cheeses.

  • Bresaola
  • Seasoned coppa (neck of pork)
  • Seasoned fiocchetto (thigh of pork)
  • Bacon
  • Lardo (cured fatback)
  • Bitto cheese
  • Casera cheese
  • Scimudin cheese

    Typical first and second courses
    The restaurant menu includes first and second courses prepared according to the most famous recipes of the Valtellina culinary tradition. Among other things, you can try:

    • Risotto with bresaola, bitto and Sassella
    • Tagliatelle with venison ragù
    • Venison ribs with apple sauce
    • Pizzoccheri
    • Sciat

    Valtellina wines

    The restaurant also boasts an extensive wine list. It includes DOCG red wines such as:

    •  Sforzato
    •  Sassella
    •  Grumello
    •  Inferno

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